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Bread Premixes
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Whale Bread Premix


Turkish style giant country bread. Ottoman Bread is a very tasty authentic turkish style bread with a special aroma and a unique appearence. Bread, the king of tables, was the primary food in the Ottoman period as well. ... We know that a variety of bread was baked in the Ottoman period including wheat, rye, corn and whole wheat. In his travelogue, Evliya Çelebi mentiones 46 types of bread consumed in the Ottoman Empire and the surrounding regions.

Packing & Storage

Product Category :

Bread Premix

Product Code :


Package :

Multi layer craft bag

Package Weight :

20 kg

Package Dimensions :

77 x 50 x 14 (L x W x H)

Basic Recipe

Bread Premix (


) :

10 kg

Wheat Flour :

10 kg

Water :

(+/-) 12 kg

Yeast :

0,6 kg

Salt :

Salt is not suggested


Shelf Life :

9 months

Usage Level :

1kg of premix for every 1 kg wheat flour

Storage :

Store in cool, dry, clean environment

Total Weight :

32,6 kg

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