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Farmhaus whol wheat bread

In line with the specialty bread making which has been rapidly developing and changing in recent years, BTB Food provides its' local and International clients a wide range of services. Superior quality products with the driving force provided by close relations with clients. Especially in the field of specialty breads , BTB Food shares know-how and experience of which has been accumulated over decades. 

Produced by the use of "only" the best quality raw materials, our products are brought to our customers with the concept of “unconditional customer satisfaction, rapid and reliable delivery and complete after sales support ”.

The assurance of high quality in production has always been a matter of top priority for BTB Food. Strict Quality Control is exercised over all process functions and at all production stages, from the selection of raw materials to the distribution of finished goods. Farmhaus is certified to both the ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) Food Safety Management and the ISO 22000:2005 Quality Systems.

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IAS accreditation
ISO 22000 2005

Farmhaus runs a fully functional in-house Laboratory within the Izmir Flourmill facility, operated by a team of qualified personnel which includes a food scientist, a chemist and a flourmill engineer. Quality control is implemented on a daily basis, as every batch of raw materials as well as every batch of end product produced are thoroughly tested, using the highest technology and control devices available, ensuring the high quality standards of all Mitsides products.

In addition, Farmhaus has recently set up an experimental Bakery workshop, wthin the Flourmill’s Laboratory, where the quality and bread-making capabilities of each batch of flour produced can be tested under real bakery conditions, ensuring the high qualitative level of all Farmhaus flour products. 

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