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Rye Bread Premix

Economic product to produce rye breads. Ideal for industrial production. Very tasty german style rye bread mix with easy production technique. In the fight against diabetes and obesity, foods that produce a low insulin response and suppress hunger can be extremely useful. Rye, a grain closely related to barley that makes a distinctly flavored bread, has particularly positive effects when your goal is weight loss. Rye bread fills you up, suppressing your desire to eat and squelching that gnawing hunger that often occurs when you're on a weight-loss plan. Rye doesn't spike your blood sugar levels, which can cause uncontrollable hunger and diminished energy.

Packing & Storage

Product Category :

Bread Premix

Product Code :


Package :

Multi layer craft bag

Package Weight :

15 kg

Package Dimensions :

70 x 50 x 14 (L x W x H)

Basic Recipe

Bread Premix (


) :

10 kg

Wheat Flour :

30 kg

Water :

(+/-) 26 kg

Yeast :

1,20 kg

Salt :

0,4 kg


Shelf Life :

9 months

Usage Level :


Storage :

Store in cool, dry, clean environment

Total Weight :

67,6 kg

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