Bread Mixes

Wheat Bran Bread Mix

Very good source of dieatary fibers. The bran of the whole wheat kernel is rich in minerals like copper, selenium and manganese. Wheat bran also has phytochemicals which can help to prevent certain types of cancers. A whole wheat kernel includes the bran, so all the nutritional benefits of the bran are included in 100 percent whole wheat products.

Packing & Storage
Basic Recipe

Product Category :

Bread Mix

Product Code :


Package :

Multi layer craft bag

Bread Mix (


) :

10 kg

Water :

(+/-) 6,20 kg

Yeast :

0,30 kg


Package Weight :

20 kg

Total Weight :

16,5 kg

Package Dimensions :

77 x 50 x 14 (L x W x H)

Shelf Life :

6 months

Usage Level :


Storage :

Store in cool, dry, clean environment

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