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Special Mixes
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The Magic Pizza Mix

We are proud to introduce our new product FH-35007 the ready Pizza Mix which has been re-named as The Magic Pizza Mix  by consumers in a very short time.

The magic pizza mix



Everything you need for a perfect pizza base

While designing this magnificent product we have taken every detail into consideration to have your pizza healthy, delicious, standard and cost wise… just like each of our product.

Yeast? already included

No matter you are serving snack - jumbo size, thin base or pan pizza

FH-35007 does it all.

delicious pizza by farmhaus

The Magic Pizza Mix lets you shorten the preparation time, standardize every pizza slice and reduces your cost.

Simplicity is the keyword
farmhaus magic pizza mix
farmhaus magic pizza mix
farmhaus magic pizza mix
farmhaus magic pizza mix

Simplicity is the keyword. All you need to do is;

  • Mix the Magic Pizza Mix with your regular flour and water  (no yeast, dough improver, sugar, salt or additive is needed)

  • Knead well and let FH-35007 do the job

  • Divide into portions

That’s all! All the rest lies in your imagination

Bon Appétite

Packing & Storage

Product Category :

Product Code :

Special Mix


Package :

Multi layer craft bag

Package Weight :

10 kg

Package Dimensions :

60 x 50 x 14 cm (L x W x H)

Shelf Life :

6 months

Usage Level :

625 gr FH-35007 for 10 kg wheat flour

Basic Recipe

The Magic Pizza mix :

Wheat Flour :

Water :

Olive Oil :

Yeast :

Sugar :

Salt :

625 gr

10 kg

5,2 lt

150 gr

- Not recommended -

- Not recommended -

- Not recommended -


Storage :

Store in a cool, dry clean environment

Total Weight :

16 kg

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