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The art of bakery made simple

   In line with the specialty bread making which has been rapidly developing and changing in recent years, BTB Food provides its' local and International clients a wide range of services. Superior quality products with the driving force provided by close relations with clients. Especially in the field of specialty breads, BTB Food shares know-how and experience of which has been accumulated over decades. 

   Produced by the use of "only" the best quality raw materials, our products are brought to our customers with the concept of “unconditional customer satisfaction, rapid and reliable delivery and complete after sales support”.

Why BTB Food..?
healthy bread
delicious bread
reliable product
quality products
cost effective baking
Cost effective

    Regardless your skill, amount of production, type of bread or line of baking, there is always a BTB Food product that suits you well.

    The BTB Food products have been designed and the recipes have been prepared by strictly following the traditional tastes and adapting them to the contemporary cuisine.

Proved, approved and certain results

    With each and every BTB Food recipe the results are certain. Every loaf and every slice is healthy, delicious, reliable, qualified and cost effective.

… and a great smile with every bite


Bon Appétite

   Benefits of Rye Bread

  Plenty of rye bread is consumed in the northern countries of Europe. In the research carried out, it has been observed that “Cardiovascular Diseases” are hardly seen in those countries where there are people who consume rye bread every day.


Moreover, it has been determined that rye bread provides blood vessels with resilience and the blood with fluidity and is good for “arteriosclerosis”. It has been found out that rye prevents constipation as well.

Rye Bread occupies the first place among the most important dietetic products for patients of “Diabetes”. The diabetic patients are recommended to eat “Rye Bread” on regular basis every day.

“Rye Bread” is so important a food in terms of nutrients and flavour. It has been determined in research carried out that it especially has properties which prevents “Prostate Cancer”.

Rye contains iron and folic acid which are good for “Refreshment of Blood” and fluorine which is good for tooth enamel. Moreover, it is rich in sodium, potassium, calcium and iodine as well.

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